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Top five travel agencies on the market, 50m-euro lower revenues in 2009

Top five travel agencies on the market, 50m-euro lower revenues in 2009
17.02.2010, 20:00 9

The five biggest travel agencies on the Romanian market, HappyTour, Eximtur, Aerotravel, Perfect Tour and Marshal Turism lastyear registered almost 52m-euro lower total revenues compared with2008, when revenues stood at 180m euros, according to a ZF survey.The first slump on the travel agency market in ten years wasregistered last year, with drops ranging between 8 and 42%,according to market players. Plane ticket sales and trips abroadwere the hardest hit by the economic downturn, with these segmentscontributing over 50% to turnover generated by the five largesttravel agencies, except Cluj-based Eximtur. Thus, the main fiveplayers on this market last year derived 128m euros, according topreliminary figures reported by Happy Tour, Aerotravel, PerfectTour and Marshal, which means their sales went down by 30% againstthe previous year. Agencies expect rising turnover this year, withHappy Tour budgeting the biggest increase, 37%, as a result ofgaining new customers.

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