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Two Cargo Partner managers become shareholders of IB Cargo

Two Cargo Partner managers become shareholders of IB Cargo
09.04.2008, 19:35 52

Cargo Partner managers Kees Cramer and Catalin Putineanu are leaving to become managing partners with a German-Dutch joint venture - I. B. Cargo, which is also involved in transport and logistics. The two companies (Interfracht - Germany, and Beyer Logistiek - Netherlands) both hold the majority stake in I.B. Cargo and entered the local market in February of this year, operating in transport and logistics. Interfracht posted turnover worth 120 million euros in 2007, while Bayer's business stood at 20 million euros last year. The two companies hold 35% each in I.B. Cargo, with the remaining 30% equally distributed to Kees Cramer and Catalin Putineanu. Kees Kramer was managing director of Cargo Partner for Romania and the Republic of Moldova, and Catalin Pruteanu held the position of maritime transport manager for Romania and the Black Sea Region. So far, top changes in management have mainly taken place in courier services. For instance, Felix Patrascanu, one of the three partners of Fan Courier, previously worked at the courier firm Cargus, while Octavian Badescu gave up his position as a manager of the local courier firm Alo Curier, and relinquished his shares.

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