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Unemployment down for ninth consecutive month after 20 months on the rise

Autor: Adelina Mihai

13.01.2011, 00:08 21

The unemployment rate fell for the ninth consecutivemonth in December last year, to 6.87%, corresponding to nearly630,000 unemployed.
There are several explanations for the unemployment rate decline:people who did not find work, but exceeded the period during whichunemployment benefits are granted, people employed in the informalsector, new hirings in the private sector, people legally employedabroad. Over 110,000 people saw their unemployment benefit periodend last year.
"The number of the unemployed fell because many were no longerregistered as such since the unemployment benefits can be paid overthe course of one year at the most. In addition, not manyredundancies were operated in December, but the unemployment rateis sure to rise, because 10,000-15,000 new redundancies have beenannounced. The data should not be looked at very optimistically,"believes Mariana C=mpeanu, former labour minister and member of thecommittee for labour of the Chamber of Deputies.

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