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UniCredit sees economy down, while BCR expects increase

UniCredit sees economy down, while BCR expects increase
07.05.2008, 18:16 8

Projections of foreign analysts on the economy remain pessimistic compared with those of local banks, which project different outlooks for the economy's growth rate and inflation rate. Whereas the BCR (Banca Comerciala Romana), the largest local bank, predicts a slightly higher economic increase this year, by 6.1% compared with 6% in 2007, UniCredit believes the growth rate will slow down, to 5.5%. For next year, UniCredit anticipates a mere 5% economic growth, while BCR analysts expect the 6% rate to be preserved. BCR analysts expect an increase in foreign direct investments to 7.8 billion euros, against 7 billion euros in 2007 this year, amid funds being attracted in the industry, as well as in the context of privatisations being completed.

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