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Unifertrans derives 31 million euros in 2007

Unifertrans, a rail freight company, part of the Unicom group, posted turnover worth 31 million euros last year, an approximately 7% increase on the previous year. "For this year, we intend to keep revenues at the same level as last year," said Constantin Pestrea, the company's manager. He specifies that Unifertrans will invest two million euros this year in a terminal, which will be completed in 2009. Unlike its rivals, such as Grup Feroviar Roman (Romanian Railway Group), which made acquisitions in Serbia, Bulgaria and Hungary, and Servtrans, which closed partnerships in the region, Unifertrans does not operate outside Romania. The company operates in the transport market exclusively within Romania, for companies such as the Petrotel-Lukoil Romania refinery, and Lafarge. Unifertrans holds a fleet of 30 locomotives and 500 carriages, as well as carriages rented from Unicom Active (a company in the group), and other owners. As for the company's direction, Unifertrans representatives say this is a decision that will be made at group level.

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