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Verestoy Attila declares stock portfolio of over 5m euros

Verestoy Attila declares stock portfolio of over 5m euros
11.05.2005, 20:13 11

Verestoy Attila, a senator for The Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), has been revealed as the largest investor among senators on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, according to wealth declarations submitted last week.

Unlike last year, this year''s declaration by the UDMR senator details his entire portfolio of listed stock, which is valued at more than 5 million euros. The senator''s largest stake is the 135.7 million-share interest he holds in Rompetrol Rafinare (Petromidia) with a market value of 3.4 million euros, representing almost three quarters of his entire stock portfolio.

According to market information, he was among the first buyers in Petromidia when the company was initially floated at a price that oscillated between 116 and 300 ROL/share. One Petromidia share is now worth more than 900 ROL.

The UDMR senator also holds shares in BRD with a value of 550,000 euros, while his combined interests in the five SIFs are worth 640,000 euros. In fact, Attila owns 0.11% in SIF Oltenia, which is in excess of the 0.1% share capital threshold stipulated in SIF statutes as the maximum amount that can be held by a single investor.

Attila also has a 44% stake in Eastern Securities (formerly TVM), a brokerage firm closely related to businessman Dinu Patriciu. He is also a shareholder in various other unlisted companies and has banking deposits worth over 4 million euros. vlad.nicolaescu@zf.ro

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