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What does the future hold for Mexxem after Puma's direct entry?

What does the future hold for Mexxem after Puma's direct entry?
30.11.2007, 14:52 11

Cluj-Napoca-based Mexxem, importer and distributor of Puma products in Romania, estimates a 30% increase in turnover next year, to over 30 million euros. Representatives of the Cluj-based company believe the direct entry of the Puma brand onto the Romanian market will not affect Mexxem's overall business. "Puma will remain one of the top brands in Mexxem stores. From 2008, Puma will handle wholesale activities (distribution), and Mexxem will remain Puma's most important client in Romania," stated Luminita Simbotin, Mexxem's retail manager. Currently, over 50% of the products under the Puma brand are sold through Mexxem in Romania. "Mexxem will continue to acquire products from Puma Romania, and there will be no difference in terms of the shelf price," said Dan Crisan, general manager of Puma Romania. Puma products account for 40% of sales of the Cluj-based store chain, with their value expected to reach around 8 million

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