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Cătălin Chelu expands his empire further with acquisitions in dairy and wine sectors

Autor: Andrei Chirileasa

21 oct 2010 46

Businessman Cătălin Chelu of Galaţi, one of the most powerful investors on the stock exchange, has added another two companies to his portfolio in recent months: Vinia Iaşi wine producer and Lactate Natura Târgovişte dairy (INBO) and cheese producer.

He took over 49% in INBO through three companies, Portavon, Revan Com and Debrocons, all of Galaţi, for around 16m RON (3.7m euros) on Friday.
Chelu appears as a majority shareholder only in Portavon, but the other two firms are on the lists published by SIF, which include the investors that act together with the businessman, having the same contact phone as many of the firms for which Chelu is listed as a shareholder.
Contacted by ZF, Chelu chose not to make any comment. He has so far denied having any relation with Revan Com or the other firms.
He appears as a direct shareholder in over 40 companies, with Vinia Iaşi as his most recent acquisition. He bought the around 53% stake in the company around two months ago from Vasile Băbuşanu, in a deal whose value has not been disclosed.

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