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First official figure: 2.1 million Romanians work in 15 European countries

Autor: Adelina Mihai

27.04.2011, 23:47 29

At least 2.1 million Romanians work in EU member states, most ofthem in Italy, Spain and Germany; this is the first official figurereleased by European Commission representatives.

Austria and Germany will open their labour market to EasternEuropeans on May 1, but not to Romanians and Bulgarians, who willhave to wait until early 2014.

Currently, in Romania no institution has a clear record on thenumber of Romanians working abroad, although several organisationshave tried to monitor the migration of domestic workforce to theWest in recent years.

"Member states' statistical data and the results of pollscarried out on the labour market show that in early 2010 almost 2.5million Romanian and Bulgarian citizens worked in 15 EU countries.Of them, 2.1 million people are Romanians, most of whom working inItaly (890,000), Spain (825,000) and Germany (110,000)," CristinaArigho, a spokesperson with the European Commission's employment,social affairs and equal opportunities, told ZF.

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