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Lidl fills recruitment websites with ads

Autor: Cristina Roşca

27.04.2011, 23:55 50

Germany's Lidl retailer, which entered the Romanian market byacquiring Plus discount store network, has over the past two weeksposted tens of offers for positions with the company on recruitmentwebsites, but has not communicated any data on the number of storesset to be opened or on their location.

The German giant seeks store managers and retail workers, aswell as employees for the headquarters. The retailer is recruitingfor Bucharest, Braşov, Constanţa or Iaşi, but also for smallertowns such as Chitila, Buftea or Chiajna.

The retailer did not answer ZF's questions about the stores thatare hiring, whether they are new stores or units part of Plusnetwork taken over by Lidl, by edition close.

"We can confirm 2011 is the year when the first Lidl stores willbe opened in Romania," said Lidl representatives without specifyingwhether those were new or rebranded stores.

In early 2011, Lidl announced there was no decision on thenumber and opening of the first stores. The retailer also announcedat that time it wanted both to acquire locations and rentspaces.

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