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New Labour Code to increase employment rate from 58% to 64%

Autor: Adelina Mihai

16.03.2011, 23:47 13

The employment rate in Romania - the proportion of people whoare fit for work to the number of legally-employed workers is58.6%, which means only 4.5 to 5 million Romanians of the 8 millionwho are fit for work are legally-employed. The new Labour Code willmake the labour market more flexible, leading to an at least 5-6%increase in the employment rate, considering that until 2020Romania should reach a 70% employment rate (Germany's currentrate).

"Romania needs to improve its legislation to see new jobs created.Romania's employment rate needs to increase, considering that since2002 it has been somewhere around 58%, while in other countries theemployment rate is 64-65%," said Claudia Boghicevici,vice-president of the Labour Commission of the Chamber of Deputies(from ruling party PDL).

Yesterday afternoon MPs came together to vote on the censure motionsubmitted by the opposition against the Labour Code, but it was notlikely to be adopted because in order to be passed, it wouldrequire 236 votes "in favour" - half the number of deputies andsenators plus one (but the opposition is short of 20 votes).

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