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Renault set to manufacture engines for the new Logan generation in Piteşti and Valladolid

Autor: Bogdan Alecu

3 apr 2011 53

Renault, which produces in Romania more than 200,000 engines annually for the Dacia range, is to replace, starting 2013, part of the current range with one with more environment-friendly engines, a range that will be manufactured in Piteşti and Valladolid (Spain) and that will equip the new Logan generation.

"Starting 2013, production of a new H4 three-cylinder petrol engine will start in Mioveni, which together with the H5 engine to be manufactured in Spain (Valladolid) will replace the current K4 and K7 engines present in Dacia range," said Anca Oreviceanu, communication manager with Group Renault Romania.

Renault representatives did not provide any details on the value of investments or manufacturing capacity.

During this year's Geneva Motor Show, Jacques Chauvet, chairman of Automobile Dacia board and Renault head for the Euromed region, stated Renault would invest further in Romania, but do it so to renew the current range, while production expansion will be carried out in the new plant of Morocco.

At present, the K4 and K7 engines are manufactured in Romania, Turkey and Spain.

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