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Romanians dream about making money on forex market

Autor: Roxana Daniela Pricop

12.01.2011, 00:08 41

Over 100 investors, company managers and traders yesterdayattended the seminar on international capital markets in 2011organised by Ziarul Financiar in partnership with internationalinvestment bank Saxo Bank, thus confirming Romanians' high interestin foreign currency investments and foreign shares.

In the past three years, the forex market has gained popularityamong Romanians, although few of them understand the rules of thegame and that the market is not regulated or supervised in any way.The high degree of complexity of the market has a lot to do withthe fact that Forex started out as a market dedicated exclusivelyto bankers and to institutional investors.
The myth that on the Forex market one can earn hundreds ofthousands of euros with just 1,000 euros thanks to leverage madeRomanians overlook the aspects that have to do with regulation andsupervision. However, globally, increasingly more investors chooseto trade on the Forex market.
"The Forex market is by far the most accessed product. Saxo Bankregisters about 170,000 currency transactions a day," said MihaelaŢapu, SE Europe manager of Saxo Bank, during the seminar.
Saxo Bank is one of the biggest brokers on the forex, commodities,stock and derivatives markets in Europe, providing its own onlinetrading platforms. On the Romanian market, Saxo Bank is presentthrough online trading platforms and consulting services.

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