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Swedes offer brand new Gripens for the price of American second-hand F16s

Swedes offer brand new Gripens for the price of American second-hand F16s
15.04.2010, 20:17 18

Concerned that the Romanian Government might not take intoconsideration Gripen's multirole fighter aircraft offer, Sweden'sSaab has made a new offer, this time a final one, they say, whichcomes in response to the recent decision by Romania's SupremeDefence Council (CSAT) to approve the bid of US-held LockheedMartin for F 16 aircraft.

The Swedes are ready to provide 24 new Gripen aircraft for thesame price as that asked by Americans for second-hand F16 jets,i.e. 1 billion euros (1.3 billion dollars). In addition, Saab alsooffers a 100% offset, which translates into long-term investmentsof the Swedes in the Romanian aeronautics industry and in otherRomanian sectors. The package also includes training services forpilots and technicians, logistics, spare parts, and supportpersonnel.

"Up until now, there has only been an exchange of informationbetween us and the Romanian authorities on the Gripen aircraft,which is common in the first stage of this type of acquisition. Thenext step would be for them to invite us, and I think this is whatEurofighter is also waiting for, to submit our full offers so thatthe Government has all the data it needs to make a decision. As faras we are concerned, Romania does not have the necessaryinformation to make a final decision," says Jerry Lindbergh,representative of the Swedish Government.

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