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Vodafone: Smartphones have reached 25% of all mobile phone sales

Autor: Adrian Seceleanu

09.05.2011, 23:39 74

Sales of smartphones, mobile phones that allow users to surf thenet, send emails, run games and listen to music, have surged,currently making up a quarter of Vodafone's mobile phone sales,says Andrei Oltei, terminal manager within the company.

"Whereas a year ago they accounted for 10% of the overallnumber of units sold, smartphones have now reached 25% and willcontinue to rise. Last year, smartphones accounted for 15% ofVodafone's overall mobile phone sales," Oltei told ZF.

Vodafone's management puts the increase in smartphone sales downto expanding the offers and cutting prices. "Now a smartphone thatuses Google's operating system can cost as little as 19 euros plusa subscription. Increasingly more users are buying a smartphone,even if it's not a high-end terminal." Most smartphones sold byVodafone run on the Google Android operating system, specified theVodafone representative.

Oltei did not provide details on the number of smartphones ormobile phones sold by the company. However, according to someestimates, Vodafone's sales could reach around 800,000 units peryear, which means the operator could sell around 200,000smartphones in 2011.

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