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570,000 of unemployed erased from statistics in 2010. Nobody knows what happened to them

Autor: Adelina Mihai

02.02.2011, 09:19 16

Over half a million unemployed were removed from unemploymentstatistics in 2010 because they did not renew their jobapplications with the employment agencies, so they are no longerrecorded in the official statistics. As a result, at least afurther 570,000 jobless people are added to the 630,000 unemployedcurrently receiving benefits. The former are no longer included instatistics because they do not go to unemployment offices on aregular basis.
ZF for the first time clears up the mystery of the only 7%unemployment in Romania, considering that there are 4.5-5 millionemployees amid a working-age population of 10 million, so there are5 million people able to work who are not recorded in anystatistics. Therefore, the number of people who do not have a jobis in fact much higher, if you add the several hundred thousandunemployed who lose this status every year because they no longerstamp their unemployment records, but do not find a job,either.
In order to be registered as unemployed, any Romanian who losestheir job needs to go to the employment agency on a monthly basisto fill out papers and stamp their unemployment record.

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