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ASUS, domestic PC market's number two, targets 50m-dollar turnover

ASUS, domestic PC market's number two, targets 50m-dollar turnover

Autor: Magraon Andreea

24.01.2011, 23:24 10

ASUS Romania, the subsidiary of Taiwan's IT&C equipmentproducer, ranking second on the domestic PC market, last yearderived 42.5m-dollar turnover, up 15% from 2009, Ciprian Donciu,the company's general manager, told ZF.

The biggest weight in turnover was held by notebooks, with anover 80% percentage, and netbooks, with 15-20%, according toDonciu.
Most products were purchased in December, a month traditionallybringing the biggest sales, said the company's general managerwithout providing further details.
This year, ASUS wants to reach 50m-dollar turnover, up almost 17%from last year. "Our target for each product is market share.During this period, the economic trend is difficult to predict,hence for us being technology users' first choice is highlyimportant. Amid market stagnation, we target turnover worth above50m dollars", says the company's general manager.
ASUS is due to launch 7 and 10-inch tablets running Windows andGoogle Android in the first half of this year domestically, Donciusays.

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