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Government kicks off employment in local authorities and gives extra pay to those working with EU funds

Autor: Iulian Anghel

04.03.2011, 09:50 17

The government has dropped the rule according to which in localauthorities only one can be hired per seven vacancies. The norm hasbeen extended to consider the number of vacant jobs in an entirecounty, which means that, by cumulating jobs, more people can behired than before.
Last summer, the government decided to eliminate 59,000 jobs fromthe local authorities' organisational chart. A so-called personnelstandard was set for the local authorities, which decided on amaximum number of jobs in the administration, based on thepopulation of the town, with the administration only allowed tohire one person per seven vacant jobs.
The government extended the rule from one administration to countylevel and says it will make it a priority to hire people for jobswhere tasks cannot be taken over by other employees.
The government also decided that employees working on Europeanprojects funded with non-repayable foreign funds (not justspecialised workers, but all those involved in some way or another)could be paid extra for overtime through a service contract.

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