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Schneider Electric turnover worth 65m euros

Schneider Electric turnover worth 65m euros
07.03.2008, 20:18 3

Schneider Electric Romania, the local branch of the French industrial equipment and services provider, posted a consolidated turnover worth around 65 million euros in 2007, up 30% against the previous year, mainly due to the dynamics of the constructions market and to the expansion of the distribution network. "The main growth drivers of Schneider Electric Romania were the building automation products (allowing power saving) which saw a 140% increase against 2006 results. The development of the residential market, the office market, and the opening of new stores, also contributed to the turnover increase," says David Nicholl, country manager of Schneider Electric Romania. Schneider Electric Romania has budgeted investments worth around one million euros for 2008. "This year, we target total investments worth one million euros, which will be directed towards new products and solutions on the local market, recruiting, training and aiding employees' development, opening a new professional improvement centre, as well as towards marketing and promotional activities," says David Nicholl.

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