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Tohani has plans for factories in China and Poland

Tohani has plans for factories in China and Poland

Autor: Diana Tudor Stoica

28.09.2010, 00:11 23

Tohani wine producer, owned by businessman Virgil Mândru, isplanning for the Romanian business to become the group's smallestover the next ten years, with the biggest turnover to be generatedin China and Poland.
The company is planning to build two wine facilities in Poland andin China.
"The Tohani China project has already kicked off. We are currentlyproducing in Romania and exporting our production, but as of nextyear we will start production there. These are the normal steps ofexpansion. We chose these two markets because they have apotential, and are easily accessible. In China the investmentamounts to 20 million euros, and to 10 million euros in Poland.Both projects are developed with local partners," Mândru toldZiarul Financiar.
The businessman holds 50% of these projects, with the money forinvestments being the company's own. Abroad, the company willproduce under the Tohani brand, which he says he will adapt to suitthe new market. At present, the company's best-known brand inRomania is Sânge de Taur.

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