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54,000 scrappage scheme vouchers waiting to be used on the market

54,000 scrappage scheme vouchers waiting to be used on the market
10.08.2010, 23:57 12

Almost 54,00 "Rabla" (car scrappage scheme) vouchers arecurrently being traded on the Romanian market, according tostatistics of the Environmental Fund Administration (AFM), up byalmost 20% against the beginning of July. They are sold by thosewho have scrapped an over ten-year old car at prices rangingbetween 1,000 and 1,500 RON. If the vouchers are not used beforethe end of October, when the "Rabla" scheme ends, car owners willlose the 3,800-RON nominal value.

Since the start of the car scrappage scheme this year, almost158,000 old cars were scrapped, but the AFM validated less than104,700 vouchers, used for the acquisition of nearly 35,000 cars,over 50% of which are Dacias manufactured in Mioveni.

The number of cars sold as part of the scrappage schemecontinued to rise in June, to 6,800 units, up by over 20% againstthe previous month, with almost 95% of new cars sold by dealersbought with REMAT (car scrappage scheme) vouchers.

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