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Baile Felix to be turned into a spa

Baile Felix to be turned into a spa
18.07.2006, 19:11 20

The management of Turism Felix (in Baile Felix Oradea), which has been preparing the company's listing on the stock exchange in two weeks' time, by selling 77 million shares, intends to turn the company into one of the biggest spa holdings in South-Eastern Europe. Turism Felix SA officials want to raise some 50 million RON (13.8 million euros) from the capital market. Shares are put up for sale at a price ranging from 0.6 RON to 1.1 RON. The final sale price will be set depending on demand. The Cluj-based company SSIF Broker will handle the offering, which starts in August. In the next three years, the company is to include other companies involved in health tourism. The purpose of this is to create a strong and clearly distinguishable structure, which would not target just health tourism, but also luxury tourism, with relaxation and prophylactic centres for tourists, not just for patients, as are the intentions of majority shareholder, SIF Transilvania.

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