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Camelia Şucu closes Natuzzi store in Unirii, moves it to Pipera

Autor: Ioana David

23 sep 2010 15

Camelia Şucu, owner of luxury furniture retailer Class Living,says she decided to relocate the 1,200 square-metre Natuzzi storefrom Bucharest's Unirii Boulevard, seeing as the rent she waspaying there failed to decline since the beginning of thecrisis.

"One of the reasons is rent, becausenothing has happened. Rents are not declining. It was too big for aretailer in that area. There were other businesspeople who madethis decision (to relocate or close down stores). We are relocatingthe Natuzzi store to Pipera, where Class Living is located. Thestores share the same building with Mobexpert.
The Natuzzi showroom will have a 750 square-metre area, withCamelia Şucu saying that when consumption is revived, "she willfind a normal location in terms of price and position."
Trained as a doctor, Camelia Şucu, 45, started the furniturebusiness in the early '90s together with ex-husband Dan Şucu, withthe two splitting up their businesses in 2007, following theirdivorce. Camelia Şucu sold her Mobexpert shares for almost 40million euros, but was left with 100% of Class Living shares.

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