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Dacia sales in Germany three times as high as in Romania in April

Dacia sales in Germany three times as high as in Romania in April
18 mai 2009 233

The car scrappage scheme running on the German car market has rescued the business of Romanian manufacturer Automobile Dacia this spring, as well as Romania's exports, and could contribute decisively to lifting the Romanian economy out of recession in the second quarter of the year, after the disastrous first quarter. Dacia sold 11,194 cars on the German market in April, almost three times more than on the Romanian market, according to statistics of the KBA (The Federal Motor Transport Authority) in Germany. "Dacia sales in 2009 are 80% accounted for by exports, because the relaunch of the Romanian market continues to be late in coming, despite all the measures adopted so far," said Constantin Stroe, vice-president of Automobile Dacia. Dacia accounts for more than 1% of Romania's GDP and for over 8% of overall exports on the Romanian market after sales on Western-European markets tripled in the first quarter of this year. Sandero was among the top ten best selling models to individuals, with 7,070 units and a 2.7% market share, according to ZF calculations.

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