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ERA Oradea's project manager enters real estate development

ERA Oradea's project manager enters real estate development
27.05.2008, 20:29 43

Greek-held Dimand Real Estate, a provider of project management services for the ERA Shopping Park in Oradea, intends to derive revenues worth 2 million euros from services related to the real estate market, and acquire plots in order to develop its own projects. "To become a developer, it is necessary to gather information about the market. After one year on the real estate segment in Romania, we think we know where we can develop our own projects. Our main target are office spaces in Bucharest," said Dimitris Pergamalis, country manager of Dimand Real Estate. Land acquisition for the future projects is dependent on identifying opportunities, and the Dimand representative does not rule out investing outside Bucharest. "In Romania, only around 10% of the population is concentrated in Bucharest, unlike in Greece, were around 60% of the inhabitants live in Athens. Dimand provides technical consultancy services to projects such as Liberty Center and Global City, project management services to ERA Shopping Oradea and expansion programmes for Citibank and Emporiki branches, among others.

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