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GE in talks with Petrom to become its turbine supplier

GE in talks with Petrom to become its turbine supplier
16.10.2007, 22:00 6

General Electric (GE), a company ranked sixth in the Fortune 500 ranking, is in talks with Petrom to become the turbine supplier for the 800 MW gas-powered plant, which Romania's largest company intends to build by 2010. "We have already had talks with Petrom about supplying turbines for the gas-powered plant they intend to build. We are also having talks with companies that want to invest in power plants using renewable resources, as well as with companies that supply electrical and thermal power to various Romanian towns," said Rod Christie, manager of GE Energy for Central & Eastern Europe, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. He did not wish to speculate on the value of a potential contract with Petrom. According to the latest statements made by Petrom representatives, the plant will have an installed capacity of 800 MW (more than one nuclear reactor at the Cernavoda plant), with the investment to amount to 500 million euros by 2010, when the company will enter the free market of electrical power.

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