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Giuleşti maternity ward disaster reveals bankruptcy of healthcare system

Giuleşti maternity ward disaster reveals bankruptcy of healthcare system
17.08.2010, 23:55 24

The cause of the worst disaster in the history of Romanianhospitals in decades, the fire at the Panait Sârbu Hospital, whichresulted in the death of four newborns and severe burns for sevenmore is unknown.
It most likely was about a short-circuit of a wire leading into theair conditioning unit combined with the staff negligence who failedto notice the fire had broken out in due time.
Yet people in the system are saying that such hospitals, operatingin 100-year old buildings, with old low-capacity installations, donot belong in the twenty first century and get their operatinglicenses only because of their influential managers.
The hospital, known as the Giuleşti maternity ward, has been run bythe same man, doctor Bogdan Marinescu, for the last twenty sevenyears.
During a news conference held yesterday, the Health Minister, alongwith the state secretary, the representatives of Bucharest CityHall that manages the hospital, of the Inspectorate for EmergencySituations, of the hospitals where those previously hospitalised inGiuleşti had been transferred, talked about the "normal" manner inwhich the intervention took place and about the victims, but saidnothing about who was guilty for this.
Health Minister Cseke Attila described the fire in the maternityward as "one of the darkest tragedies in the history of theRomanian healthcare system," yet said explosions could not beeliminated anywhere in the world and invited the media to look upon Google the hospitals in Europe where such incidents hadoccurred.