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HeidelbergCement expects 213m-euro revenues

HeidelbergCement expects 213m-euro revenues
19.04.2006, 00:00 8

Carpatcement Holding, the local branch of the German group HeidelbergCement, targets an approximately 10% increase in this year''s turnover, to some 213 million euros, according to company officials. In 2005, the business of the German group for all its three divisions - cement, concrete and aggregates - reached some 194 million euros, a 22% rise against the previous year. The increase in turnover is generated by the growth of the cement market and by the expansion of the network of concrete stations, which the company scheduled for this year. The German group will invest some 25 million euros in 2006, with funds to be used for building installations running on alternative fuel, for modernising the Fieni-based plant and for protection of the environment in the three plants it owns. The company wants to extend its network of concrete-mixing stations, after Carpat Beton, the concrete division of the group on the Romanian market, opened four new units in Bucharest, Oradea, Suceava and Craiova. ZF

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