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Howard Johnson: Even short-term projections are difficult to make

Howard Johnson: Even short-term projections are difficult to make
27.07.2010, 23:03 5

Five-star hotel Howard Johnson in Bucharest, managed by SoniaNăstase, 37, ended the first half of the year with an around 4million-euro turnover, similar to that recorded in the first halfof last year.
"The level of revenues was ensured via a pricing policy adapted toeach client segment, doubled by better use of market opportunitieson all revenue segments, not just those that traditionally generatehigh revenues (revenues from business traffic are the mostsignificant ones for Bucharest hotels)," said Sonia Năstase,general manager of the five-star hotel, controlled by GabrielPopoviciu.
In the first six months of this year, the five-star, 285-room hotelhad an average 51% occupancy rate, up 6% on the similar period oflast year.
"Given the recent fiscal and economic moves that are not, in realterms, supportive of a sustained investment pace, it's hard toestimate the trend of figures on the hotel services market, evenover shorter periods such as the second half of 2010", said SoniaNăstase.

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