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Many website owners see major revenue and profit declines

Softnews Net, the company behind softpedia.com website - one of the most visited websites in Romania, is one of the few players on the Romanian online market to have recorded a rise in revenues and profit last year, according to Trade Registry data.
The company founded by Bogdan Gheorghe and C`t`lin Garmacea, posted 2.68 million euros in revenues last year, up almost 10%, and a 1.53 million-euro gross profit, up 9.1%. The company ranked third in terms of number of visitors in June 2010, with 2.6 million unique visitors, according to SATI data.
eJobs recruitment website on the other hand was significantly affected by the economic decline, show Trade Registry data. The company's turnover fell by 59.4% in euros to 1.89 million euros, while its gross profit amounted to 1.4 million euros, 67% lower than in 2008. The company is held by Liviu Dumitra[cu, Daniel T`tar, and Tiger Global Management fund.
Trade Registry data say Neogen posted 1.6 million euros in turnover last year, down almost 40%. The company owns several websites, among which bestjobs.ro, colegi.ro, neogen.ro, and noi2.ro.

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