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Piedone announces he will run for Bucharest mayor if sectors are abolished

Piedone announces he will run for Bucharest mayor if sectors are abolished

Autor: Gabriel Razi

03.04.2011, 23:35 11

The two big groups on the Romanian political scene, PD-L and USL(formed of PNL and PSD), are looking for solutions to decide oncandidates for Romania's most important city hall, the BucharestCity Hall, which has an overall annual budget, sector budgetsincluded, of 2 billion euros. The campaign to elect the mayor ofBucharest will start in a year's time, with elections to be held inJune 2012.

One of the possible candidates for the Bucharest City Hall fromPSD (Social Democratic Party), Cristian Popescu Piedone, who is setto stand a fair chance after the massive investments he made in the4th sector as its mayor, yesterday made a surprise announcement: hewould run if Bucharest's sectors were abolished, i.e. he made thevery same proposal that its adversary PD-L (Democratic-LiberalParty) did.

Parties' strategies will be influenced in 2012, unlike in thecase of other elections, by the potential abolishment of the sixBucharest sectors and the setting up of 22 smaller districts, whichwould not have their own budgets and mayors.

A draft law whereby Bucharest's sectors could be abolished, wasinitiated in February 2011 by PD-L deputy Vasile Gherasim, and wasadvocated publicly on several occasions by Elena Udrea, Minister OfRegional Development and Tourism.

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