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Romanians at Allview are working on a mobile phone with GPS, 3G and WiFi

Romanians at Allview are working on a mobile phone with GPS, 3G and WiFi
10.03.2010, 20:08 33
Visual Fan, a Brasov-based company with 3 million euros inannual turnover, which manufactures and sells electronic productsunder its own brand Allview, will invest around 200,000 euros thisyear in research and development of new products, among which adual-sim mobile phone compatible with 3G and Wi-Fitechnologies.
"We are working on a phone with navigation, 3G, WiFi,PushMail, Office, and a suite of friendly applications that allowaccess to networking platforms," Lucian Peticila, general managerof Visual Fan, told ZF, without providing details on the estimateddate of the launch.

The company, which was launched on the market in 2002, when itsold television sets and DVD players under the Allview brand, hasfound a niche on the crowded mobile phones market, by speculating aparticularity of Romanian consumption as far as telecom servicesare concerned: phones that can be used with two sim cards at thesame time, even from different operators.

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