SellWell, Romania's first B2B real estate trading platform

8 aug 2008 Ziarul Financiar

Romanian Real Estate Network (RoREN) has launched SellWell, a business-to-business (B2B) electronic platform, which acts as an interface between developers and real estate agencies. "SellWell ( is essentially an electronic real estate trading platform for real estate information and services, to which an offline business networking side is added. More specifically, developers and real estate agencies will be able to do business and exchange information on this Internet-hosted platform, to which only members will have access. In addition, clients will also be able to have face-to-face talks at the informal meeting/workshops we organise, which are reserved for members. SellWell helps to form actual relations, not just contacts," said Stefan Negritoiu, development manager.

Articol publicat în ediţia tipărită a Ziarului Financiar din data de 08.08.2008

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