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Who the Romanian Inter IKEA appointed to run the mega-project of Timpuri Noi is

Autor: Ioana David

12.01.2011, 00:03 76

The real estate company controlled by Swedish billionaire IngvarKamprad, the owner of IKEA, has brought a 33-year old Romanian atthe helm of Romanian operations, who is focusing on Timpuri Noiproject, but is also mandated to find new acquisition targets.

Antoniu Panait, the Romanian appointed to supervise the Romanianoperations of Inter IKEA Centre Group (IICG) controlled by Kamprad,is further seeking new plots of land for acquisitions, but believesthe prices are not correlated to the ones of rents that can be nowgot on the real estate market.
Panait, 33, is a law school graduate and for two years worked withDezim Development, in charge with the management of Romstal group'sreal estate portfolio. Subsequently, in early May 2009, he wasrecruited by Pedersen & Partners to take over the position ofgeneral manager of Interprime Properties, the domestic subsidiaryof IICG.
After setting up the domestic operations, the Swedish sealed themost important land plot deal in Bucharest, paying last summeralmost 35m euros for a 5.1-ha plot on the site of former plantTimpuri Noi of Bucharest, where they plan to develop a mixed realestate project.

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