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Wilms's crisis strategy: Metro Punct

Wilms's crisis strategy: Metro Punct

Autor: Diana Tudor Stoica

16.09.2010, 23:57 23

Dusan Wilms, the most powerful executive in Romanian trade,believes the strategy any merchant should adopt in a time of crisisis completely different from the one to be pursued in times ofeconomic boom. Now a greater emphasis is placed on innovations andon the relationship with clients, with the company developing aseries of projects that could not have been applicable in times offast-growing sales.

One of the projects is the development of Metro Punct stores,with areas ranging between 1,000 and 3,000 square metres, severaltimes smaller than classical cash & carry stores. Although theytarget the same type of clients, these stores, which entail anaverage investment of one million euros, are located in areas wherea Metro Cash & Carry store would not have a sufficient businessvolume. However, in order to attract professional clients everyday, who would have had to travel longer distances to get to aMetro store, the German merchant has so far opened two suchstores.

"Instead of travelling 60 kilometres to Baia Mare to get theirweekly supplies, a client can now go daily to Metro Punct in SatuMare for their merchandise; they can continue to go to Baia Mareproducts less often bought," says Dusan Wilms, general manager ofMetro Cash & Carry, the biggest trade company on the Romanianmarket, with 1.23 billion euros in turnover in 2009.

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