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Pizza Hut, Crowne Plaza and Ikea buy meat and meat products from Angst

01.05.2011, 23:40 81

Angst, one of the biggest cold cuts producers with 48 millioneuros in turnover last year, delivers meat and meat products wortharound 5 million euros to Howard Johnson, Crowne Plaza,Continental, Hilton hotels, City Grill, Pizza Hut and McDonald'srestaurants and even to the restaurant in the Ikea furniturestore.

"Around 10% of our turnover is generated by products that wedeliver to hotels and restaurants," says Ştefan Pădure, 35,vice-president of Angst, controlled by the Minea family.

This segment of the Angst business is less visible, with companyrepresentatives mainly talking about production and retail. TheAngst plant in Buftea makes toppings for Pizza Hut, delivers hamfor McDonald's and sausages for Ikea's hot dogs. "We have also comewith more exotic products, beef from Argentina or America, we havebrought kangaroo meat for George Copos's hotels, but it didn'twork," explains Ştefan Pădure, who has been working for Angst since1997.

Angst's profits from sales to hotels and restaurants are nothigh, but production for this segment could rise by around 10percent in the next period.

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