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Germans at Metro favour Romania over Poland

Autor: Cristina Rosca

12.01.2011, 00:07 14

German group Metro has kept its sales level steady in Romania,at around 2 billion euros, according to ZF estimates, favouringRomania for investments over other countries with a stronger andmore stable economy, such as Poland's.

Romania was thus the only market in the region where Metro Groupopened stores in 2010, while the number remained steady in Polandand Bulgaria, according to information in the German group's annualreport.

In Romania, although consumption of food and non-food productsfell 6% in the first ten months of the year, Metro Group opened twocash&carry Metro stores and one real,- Hypermarket.
The German group, which yesterday published 2010 financial results,announces the Romanian macroeconomic situation affected the salesof real,- Hypermarket, which fell in the last quarter of last year.As for sales of Metro Cash&Carry Romania, they were weaker thanin Eastern Europe as a whole. The Metro group is the biggest playerin Romanian trade with 2.12 billion euros in 2009.

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