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New sweeping regulations for healthcare system in 2011

Autor: Ioana David

12.01.2011, 00:01 13

A new way of paying family doctors, budget guidelines for drugprescription, a 70% limit on hospital headcount expenses, theelimination of the exception allowing retail pharmacies to beopened in malls, these are some of the novelties of 2011 in thehealthcare system.

Four days ahead of the yearend, the Health Ministry announced anew legislative package, probably the most comprehensive afterApril 2006, when the law on the healthcare sector reform,regulating the operation of the entire healthcare system, came intoeffect.
The moves stunned players because there was no indicationauthorities were working on such steps.
The new norms target family doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, as wellas taxpayers, as pensioners with incomes topping 740 RON are to payhealth contributions starting this year.
These also touch upon a less visible aspect, that of the structureand board members of the National Health Insurance House(CNAS).

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